Festa Junina on 4th of July

I cannot believe this party was one month ago already. Our big boy turned 4 on 4th of July. It`s a great day to have a birthday, but the party decorator mom likes different themes every year and decided not to have a traditional 4th of July Decor (next year we will back to  red, white and blue). During the winter months (June, July, August) in Brazil we have a very traditional party called Festa Junina. After Carnival, its the second most important popular celebration in Brazilian culture.

Big part of this party is its typical cuisine. As June is the month when corn crops are harvested, the majority of sweet and savory snacks and cakes are made of corn. A few popular examples include pamonha, canjica, corn on the cob and corn cakes. It will be hard to find a Brazilian expatriate who doesn’t miss these yummy foods.

The decor is inspired by vintage rural fashion as harvest and rain are central to the festivities. Young men wear shorts with braces, while women put their hair up in ponytails, wear checkered dresses and paint freckles on their faces.

There brigadeiros trays were all handmade and decorated with kites, flags and campfires The wood cutout name came all the way from Brazil and was beautifully painted by my talented mom! My dear friend Natasha made all the stuffed balloons and table runners. They turned out so beautiful! Ligia made the beautiful cake exactly how I envisioned and, super delicious, as always!

As any great 4th of July party we served burgers, hot dogs, salads and watermelon. The dessert menu included the​ traditional brigadeiros, paçoca (peanut candy), canjica, corn cake.We also had fresh made bolinho caipira (corn fritters stuffed with meat) that were SO GOOD that we didn`t even had a chance to take a picture.

The party was super fun, Zach had a blast in the bounce castle and it ended with a great firework show provided by our neighbors!!


50 and Fabulous Party

Lila and I met through the Junior League of Portland and we became instant friends. I was very honored when she asked me to decorate her 50th Birthday Party and we had a great time while planning all the details. Nothing says 50 and Fabulous better than Gold! Her beautiful house was very welcoming and everybody had a really great time.  I had fun making the paper flowers, bonbon toppers and the traditional (to my events) brigadeiros, birthday and bar banner and menu signs. The triangle garland added a very nice touch, thankfully to Natasha who beautifully stitched them together! The two tier cake by Nohora was very delicious.

The food menu was catered by Sila Thai and it was super yummy!

Happy 50th Lila! You sure make it looks Fabulous!!

Woodland First Birthday

My second son birthday is in October and what a better fall theme than Woodland?! We he was about 5 months old we were at Powell`s Bookstore and we got the Red Wagon book and I felt in love with the theme. The more I searched for ideas, the more I loved it. My super talented mom hand painted all the animals for the backdrop and brought them all the way from Brazil.


Brigadeiros… of course!!



We made the yummy creamy brigadeiro and caramel jars as party favors and they were a huge success! The


The cupcake holders were hand cut, one by one!!


The homemade pumpkin compote was divine and a major hit!


Look how adorable these felt woodland animals turned out. I`m sure surrounded by a very talented group!


Nohora is so talented! The cake was not only SUPE cute but also very delicious!


We can neve have too many cakes. A dear friend made her specialty: Fresh Strawberries and Chantilly! Major hit!


Little Noah had a lot of fun!!



Dinosaur Twins First Birthday

This weekend I had the privilege of putting together the 1st. birthday party of my friend`s twins. This family has a special place in my heart, and I couldn`t be happier to decorate their special day. The theme couldn`t be more perfect: Dinosaurs. The dad was turning 40 and he is a dinosaur aficionado.


I put my new cricut machine (that I`m absolutely in love with) to work and made countless dinosaurs for the backdrop. A dear friend stitched them (one by one) together and it turned out super cute!


As any true Brazilian party, we had many kinds of brigadeiros. Brigadeiro is a common Brazilian delicacy, and according to wikipedia, it was created in 1940. The traditional brigadeiro is made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate sprinkles to cover the outside layer. The cocoa powder can be replaced by coconut, almonds, peanuts, pistachio, and, our new favorite, Brazil nuts!


The cake from Tilu`s Bakery  was impressively beautiful and even more delicious!!


As party favors we had Brigadeiro Verrines and hand-made goodie bags.


Everybody had a DINO-MITE time!!

See you soon,



Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

Since I got pregnant with my first son, I started to develop a special love with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. A friend gave us the Portuguese version of the book. Another friend gave us the book in English. We were also gifted a super cute Caterpillar outfit. And countless toys that we loved every single one!!

When it was time to choose the theme of Zach`s second birthday, I learned that it was the 45th anniversary of the book… It was a no brainer, Very Hungry Caterpillar was the perfect theme!! I started searching all over the internet for ideas for the cake, the party favors, paper templates and all the crafts that I could use for the party! It was super fun!!


I was super excited when I found different fabrics with Eric Carl famous print. They added a special touch on the creamy brigadeiro jars, water tops and the bonbon bags.cf1648c6-b8c5-40ec-b45b-35e63be4c5da.jpg

There were many trips to the print shop and many hours of cutting and gluing water labels, cupcake wrappers, bonbon topper and all the little details!


The Caterpillar made out of buttons was probably my favorite creation for this party!


The cake was made by Melissa. Super cute and delicious!! 4

I`m very blessed to have some very skilled friends. One of them made the super cute fondant caterpillars and all the fondant caterpillar foods.


Another friend, who is very talented with flowers, made the apple arrangement!


It was another super fun party and everybody had a great time. The birthday boy really liked it, and was super happy the whole time!!