Festa Junina on 4th of July


During the winter months (June, July, August) in Brazil we have a very traditional party called Festa Junina. After Carnival, its the second most important popular celebration in Brazilian culture.

Big part of this party is its typical cuisine. As June is the month when corn crops are harvested, the majority of sweet and savory snacks and cakes are made of corn. A few popular examples include pamonha, canjica, corn on the cob and corn cakes. It will be hard to find a Brazilian expatriate who doesn’t miss these yummy foods.

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50 and Fabulous Party

Lila`s party 1

Lila and I met through the Junior League of Portland and we became instant friends. I was very honored when she asked me to decorate her 50th Birthday Party and we had a great time while planning all the details. Nothing says 50 and Fabulous better than Gold! Continue reading “50 and Fabulous Party”

Pinwheel Baby Shower


I have always loved Pinwheels and how cute they look in party decorations. They add such a fun vibe to the table. Continue reading “Pinwheel Baby Shower”


Woodland First Birthday

My second son birthday is in October and what a better fall theme than Woodland?! We he was about 5 months old we were at Powell`s Bookstore and we got the Red Wagon book and I felt in love with the theme. Continue reading “Woodland First Birthday”


Dinosaur Twins First Birthday

This weekend I had the privilege of putting together the 1st. birthday party of my friend`s twins. This family has a special place in my heart, and I couldn`t be happier to decorate their special day. The theme couldn`t be more perfect: Dinosaurs. The dad was turning 40 and he is a dinosaur aficionado. Continue reading “Dinosaur Twins First Birthday”


Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

Since I got pregnant with my first son, I started to develop a special love with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. A friend gave us the Portuguese version of the book. Another friend gave us the book in English. We were also gifted a super cute Caterpillar outfit. And countless toys that we loved every single one!! Continue reading “Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party”


Sailor Bear First Birthday Party

Our first son was born on 4th of July!! I remember being wheeled from the delivery room after he was born just in time to watch the fireworks through the windows of the hospital. When it came the time to start planning his first birthday party I wanted to have the traditional 4th of July colors but make it into a kids theme. Continue reading “Sailor Bear First Birthday Party”